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Couples Counseling

When your relationship with your significant other is strong, it’s much easier to weather the inevitable ups and downs of life. But if your relationship is on uneven ground, it can lead to intimacy issues, excessive arguing, lack of trust – or worse. 


Whether you’re having trouble emotionally connecting with your partner or if you’re just looking to rekindle your original romance, Los Angeles Relationship Center can help.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago is a practical form of couples counseling that teaches healthy communication techniques while addressing any childhood issues that may interfere with the health and vitality of your relationship. As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Vera Eck, M.F.T. will work with you to help your relationship reach its fullest potential. 


We’ll begin by addressing your current communication problems, while working through any difficult issues you may have experienced in the past. Once these have been successfully addressed, we’ll provide specific guidance to help you solidify these gains and build upon your new, stronger foundation.

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Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT)

Designed to quickly get to the heart of any tension or conflict in your relationship, the PACT method works by eliminating arguments about who’s right or wrong and instead focuses on what’s really happening with your emotions when you fight. As a Level 2 PACT therapist, Vera Eck is specially trained to help each partner truly understand how the other person feels, from expressing bottled-up frustrations to uncovering deep emotional issues that may be affecting your relationship.  

Discernment Counseling

If you’re considering a divorce but aren’t completely sure if that’s the best path, Discernment Counseling is for you. Designed for couples where one person is leaning towards ending the marriage while the other wants to find a way forward, it offers a chance to slow down, take a breath, and look at every option – whether it’s attempting to restore your marriage, moving toward divorce or taking a time-out to decide later. As a Certified Discernment Counselor, Vera Eck can help you determine what is truly the best path for your relationship.



A customized assessment that’s widely used to identify strengths and growth areas for committed couples, PREPARE/ENRICH is a powerful tool designed to help you prepare for marriage or enrich your existing marriage. By delivering true insights into the underlying dynamics, personality traits or stressors in your relationship, this program helps new couples start off their commitment to each other with healthier habits, and helps married couples gain deeper, more emotional connections to their partners.

Sex Therapy

Whether you’re experiencing low libido, unequal levels of desire with your partner, or dissatisfaction in the bedroom, Vera Eck, M.F.T. can counsel you in private or with your partner to help you achieve a more enjoyable and rewarding sex life.

Choose the setting that's right for you

To help you achieve the best possible outcome, we offer three unique therapy settings:

Private Sessions – Focusing exclusively on your relationship, private sessions allow enough time for each partner to fully express themselves. Appropriate for couples in any stage, these sessions typically last 80 minutes. Weekly sessions are encouraged.

Couple’s Intensives – Designed for couples who need or desire more than the standard 80 minute session, intensive meetings can last from four to six hours, or even several days, and are tailored to meet your needs. This program is helpful for people with difficult schedules, those who travel, live far away or are in crisis.

Group Sessions – These are designed for couples who have either completed a course of Imago Therapy, or have attended an Imago Therapy workshop. The goal of these groups is to help continue and integrate the skills you have already learned.

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