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"Vera is a dedicated, effective and caring counselor. I learned so much from her. I am amazed that I have gained so much knowledge and self-awareness in such a short period of time. I am a totally different person from the sad, self-sacrificing, scared and angry person I was a year ago. She helped me gain the tools necessary for me to take back my life and make me my priority without feeling guilty. I highly recommend her as a therapist." ~H.S.

"What I like about working with Vera, is that she doesn't tell me what to do or what to think, but helps me walk on my path so I can find my own way. Now I can identify trouble before it gets to me. She helps me think with my head." ~M.B.

"I started seeing Vera immediately after being diagnosed with post-partum depression and for anxiety. She has helped me tremendously by teaching me many coping skills, in addition to learning about myself. Since working with Vera, I have developed into a much stronger and happier wife, mother, daughter and friend and I have her to thank for it." ~AA

"Vera helped save our marriage. We had grown apart and were butting heads constantly. Areas where we used to agree, became regular arguments. When we first started working with Vera, I didn't know if our marriage would make it. But, week by week she gave us the tools to piece it back together again. Through learning how to remain calm and really listen, our entire relationship has been transformed. Where there was bitterness, there is now love. For this we are eternally grateful." ~A&S

"We were referred to Vera by my substance abuse recovery program. I was 6 months clean and sober when my wife told my counselor that she was holding onto a lot of pain and suffering from my years of dealing with my addiction. I did not know how to change the past and make her feel better again. When they referred us to Vera, we were both in a lot of pain. She for the past and me because I thought things would be better due to my sobriety. Vera helped us use Imago Therapy to express our feelings respectfully and effectively. I learned how to tolerate my wife's pain without trying to dismiss it or fix it. She learned how to let go of control and trust me again. Although it hasn't been easy, we both found a way to be honest. In the safety of Vera's office, we gave each other permission to grow and change in ways we never would have imagined. Five years later, our marriage is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, Vera!" ~E&E

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Certified Imago Relationship Therapist - Vera Eck, MFT
Imago Therapy is an effective therapeutic
method developed by Harville Hendrix,
that is used at L.A. Relationship Center.


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